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Everyone has a choice and i choose to quit drugs because when i came in treatment i come to know addiction is not about using drugs,it’s about what the drug addiction does to your life and family.Our recovery doesn’t become reality through magic or by forced it takes hard work and believes in self physically,mentally and emotionally. What makes people addicts is the disease of addiction not the drugs.There is something within us that makes us unable to control our use of drugs.This same “something” also makes us prone to obsession and compulsion in other area of our lives.Drug addicts wont be as normal in addiction so its our responsibility to understand them and treat as they want us to be.May be it can be a first step to minimize a disease of addiction in individual.Some preventive measures can be like motivating them with positive thoughts,supporting the good deeds of children and alerting them for wrong deeds,avoiding them from bad company,educating children about affect of drugs,not letting child to imitate in drugs and seeking help of society,police and rehabilitation center as well as others too. Public awareness campaign and providing medications for recovery to addict can be a effective roles of a society too.Doing awareness programmes in a regular interval of time and banning of smuggling,selling and producing drugs is a role of police personal though it will be more effective in society. People unknowingly get addicted to drugs.Its too difficult for them to overcome because a person initially starts for a taste and in due course of time they can’t even get out of that bad habit.Addicted people often become the victim of some accidents HIV/AIDS,liver cirrhosis,hepatitis B,TB,brain haemorrhage and generally die within 30 years of use.In this kind of situation family should learn that if any problems regarding drugs enter the house ,the life of the victim becomes too harsh and one of the whole family too. So its important to notice and take a step in a wright time for not to loosing a loved one in family because of addiction.Rehabilitation is a process of recovery not the end journey continues after the treatment too and thats the main thoughts society have to make remain on mind.Its all our responsibility to minimize this number of drug addict and stop addiction in a country.