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“Siyaan Aiming High”

Siyaan it starts from the center town hetauda now to the east and center of a country with its excellent services to the drug victims and their life changing in a good way.it starts in the loving memory of a child whose named was siyaan who became to stop his breathe because of his father drug addiction and mistakes which now has became a most effective and familiar rehabilitation programme with its network of team to the east and middle center to men as well as female.Even though siyaan is not physically in a world but siyaan family aim is to make siyaan always alive through its community services against drug addiction.A highly aim,excellent team,broad mind,familiarly,respect,willingness,honest,open mind are the sucess key and steps of Siyaan in its programme also.A vast emotion all can see is in siyaan a resources should be provide is the technics of Siyaan.A implementation of youth is the development of country siyaan believes in it.Better days only comes with a better work and siyaan has been always a better sea for a thirsty people who requires a changes and recovery in their need of life.They show their gratitude to the every individual of community through which they got support, a way of learning.Siyaan welcomes everyone.””A LITTLE INFO SHARE OF SIYAAN COMMUINTY BETTER FOR TOMORROW “”.

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